Coffee for a change.

Our vision is to serve the best speciality coffee on the high street and see people’s lives transformed while we’re at it.

We serve single origin espresso based drinks from our Linea Classic 2 group, ground in a Victoria Arduino Mythos 1 grinder. Our freshly squeezed juices and unique smoothies are a firm favourite among customers. We use local suppliers and produce to create simple, great tasting lunches. Our cakes are home made and ideal for anyone with a sweet tooth.

We’re big on the bigger picture too.

We invested now to see the future renewal of our high street, revitalising a closed shop front, crafting a central venue. We’re all about community, creating a hub we’re people can meet, eat and grow together. We don’t do loneliness, opening up on key days like Christmas to tackle isolation.

Every purchase helps to transform lives across Portsmouth. Working with Harbour Church, all our profits fund work with vulnerable women, long-term unemployed and ex-offenders.

Find out more about our vision here.